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The Spoke Calculator is very accurate and easy to use. With 1497 hubs and rims in the database, you can quickly select your chosen parts or enter your own measurements. Since October 2018 there has been 9571 individual calculations.

You can save any wheel build you create on Spoke Length Calculator which includes custom measurements or any make and model selected from the database. There is also the option to add any missing hub or rim measurements to the data base too.

In fact, there are quite a few older models with missing information. If you should come across any of these, when build a wheel, I would appreciate if those details can be completed.

If this is your first time here, I'd highly recommend to read up on measuring rims and hubs before entering their dimensions.

Be advised, you may find hubs which use straight pull spokes. At the moment please do not use these as the spoke length will be incorrect.

⚡ As a precaution. When selecting a rim or hub from the site, it's best to double check the measurements with your items first. This isn't a warning to say the calculation will be incorrect, because it wont be. It's more to do with intolerance between published and real world measurements. This is mostly true (pardon the pun) for rims as being out by 2mm or more can be the difference of having the right length spokes or not!

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Hub Database

There are 93 hub manufactures in the database with a total of 894 hubs to choose from.

The latest three hubs added to the database are:

Rim Database

Also within the database you'll find 38 rim manufactures with a total of 603 models to choose from

Finally the latest three rims are as follows:

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