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This is an easy to use and very accurate spoke length calculator. You can either enter your hub and rim measurements, or select from 1534 different models from the database. With 76834 calculations to date, you know you can trust its accuracy....

Before calculating the spoke length, make sure you have the correct ERD for your rim and the Flange Diameter and Flange Offset for the hub. It is vital these are measured very accurately, otherwise the spoke length will be incorrect.

I highly recommend reading how to calculate spoke length before entering their dimensions.

As a precaution, when selecting a rim or hub from the drop-down menus, it's best to double-check the measurements with your items first. This isn't a warning to say the calculation will be incorrect, because it won't be. It's more to do with intolerance's between published and real-world measurements. This is mostly true (pardon the pun) for rims, as being out by 2mm or more can be the difference of having the right length spokes or not!

⚡Be advised, you may find hubs which are designed for straight pull spokes. At the moment do not use these as the spoke length will be incorrect.

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