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During spring 2018 I decided to take up an old subject, which I left behind way back in my early 20's. Programming. However, this time focus more on website development rather than c++. This came about due to a work project to rebuild the company website. Well, actually to come up with a design and get our website provider to create it.

This turned out to be a fun and at times frustrating project as our website provider couldn't work to a time line that suited the company and started to cause a bit of frustration between us. It took at least four months from submitting the initial design to being turned into a website. Then another two months for the development to be completed. When the site was completed it looked a hundred times better than the original site.

Naively, I started to wonder if I could do a better job. After all it's just lines of code with some formatting!

During lunch breaks and some evening reading I started to pick up snippets of information on website development and within a short time I started to work on my first project, a spoke length calculator. The brief was simple, so I naively thought.

I knew there would be a database and that some trickery would be required to update the drop down lists of models when users selected different hub and rim manufactures. However, I didnt have a clue how to do any of it. With help from the internet I learnt the basics of MySQL and how to implement them into the site using jqury and php. I already had an excel file with hub and rim measurements and once the structure of the database was decided on I imported the hub and rim data.

Now the real fun begins

Watching YouTube I quickly became an 'expert'. (After all watching a 20 minute video automatically make you one) on php and prepared statements, javascript and ajax. After renting a server and buying an ssl certificate the site went public on 15th May 2018. Since then the site has gone through a few, behind the scene updates as my experience increases.

Below are the features i'll be working on over the coming months. As they are completed each one will be strike out

Coming Features

Updates to Spoke Length Calculator

5th October 2020:

Behind the scene, a lot has changed. I've finally added the ability to include images with new and current hub and rim models. This lead to something I should have done a while ago, and been putting off.

8th July 2020:

There has been some minor and major updates to the site since the last update, with only a few mentioned here

11th January 2020:

This will come in two parts, the first is to fix the issues with the fonts as they were not displaying properly. Also start to implement a way for search engine bots to have access to the database of rims and hubs.

Also these has been some other tweaks.

23rd November 2019:

14th July 2019:

20th June 2019:

10th May 2019:

Adding new hubs and rims are still work in progress and will change. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve on these.

25th April 2019:

14th April 2019:

Some notes though. The drop down list to show hub manufactures, when adding new models is a bit flaky and requires work. We'll call these unexpected added features. Have fun with them!

4th March 2019:

24th February 2019:

15th January 2019:

13th December 2018:

11th October 2018:

10th October 2018:

8th October 2018:

This is the first major update to the site. You may need to clear your browser cache if the site isn't displaying correctly.

You're more than welcome to suggest any features you'd like to see on Spoke Length Calculator.

This page was updated on 5th October 2020

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